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Suzi Lorraine

Suzi Lorraine is an acclaimed actress, TV host, model, producer…and writer. She has starred in over 50 feature films, working alongside several Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, and has served as a producer and writer for multiple movies; her projects have received considerable worldwide distribution. A household name to any horror film fan, Ms. Lorraine is often cast as a host and commentator in television productions – airing on major cable networks such AMC and Chiller Channel – chronicling the horror genre.  In addition to her produced screenplays, Ms. Lorraine is a frequently published journalist, writing for a cache of renowned horror and news publications. She is a staff writer for Shock Horror Magazine, a UK-based genre magazine that is distributed internationally. She also writes a monthly column for Germany’s largest horror magazine, , and Italy’s newest horror magazine, Tenebre.  Additionally, she pens political and entertainment articles for Garden State Journal, a daily New Jersey newspaper. Ms. Lorraine is also an active model who has appeared in hundreds of publications, and a jury member for one of the world’s largest film festivals, Hoboken International Film Festival.

Suzi Lorraine’s filmography includes: Won Ton Baby!, Captured Hearts, Scavenger Killers, Music and Lyrics, Solid State, Model Hunger, Billy’s Cult, The Haunting of Pearson Place, Pinup Dolls on Ice, Wrath of Crows, Kingdom of Gladiators, Sea of Dust, and dozens of other movies. On the Silver Screen, she has been the host the AMC series, “Monsterfest”, and Chiller Channel’s “ Can You Survive a Horror Movie”, and a commentator for Chiller Channel’s “Most Horrifying Hookups” and “ Horror’s Most Wanted.“

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