Dry Spell

First news article (courtesy of Mid Hudson News) about Kenneth Del Vecchio’s CAPTURED HEARTS, illness directed by Dylan Bank and featuring Charles Durning, generic Robert Loggia, Rachael Robbins and Suzi Lorraine.


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Great review on IMDB of Travis Legge’s “Dry Spell”, starring Suzi Lorraine, Kyle Hoskins, and Amanda-Elizabeth Sawyer:

“Suzi Lorraine demonstrated in the film ‘Won Ton Baby’ her ability to handle comedy roles as well as those in Horror and Thriller genre movies. She has certainly enhanced her fast developing reputation as a versatile actress with her performance in this romantic comedy film. Indeed, I wonder if the producers of ‘Dry Spell’ were encouraged to cast Suzi in the lead role of Sasha after watching her performance in ‘Won Ton Baby’. Once again, she displayed her ability to utilise a range of expressions, gestures and body language to full effect and capture attention as well as deliver hilarious one-liners. Her scenes with Tim Swan, in the role of Jeff towards the end of the film are particularly memorable and well filmed.”    (read full review here):


Another excellent review of the film by John Ginder: